“Since when has “you just have to live with it” been an acceptable answer? Especially when it is an itchy allergic reaction and the advice is being given by an allergy specialist. Unwilling to give in, I decided to go alternative and give acupuncture a try. Right away I felt that Emma was on my side, and I wasn’t alone in finding a cure anymore. Firstly we looked at diet and did a fairly major cleanse. Then we worked with Nutripuncture. By the end of our treatments, the hives had gone completely. It’s now a year since I've had an outbreak.”
Amanda Hutchins



“I have got so much out of our work together and for that I thank you wholeheartedly. With your help, I have reached a point where I am able to live with my allergies rather than despite them. This is a miracle I never thought possible. I will absolutely give your number to any allergy sufferers I meet, with sincere gratitude and admiration.”
Emily Messinger


Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer inDecember, 2005. I elected surgery to remove the tumor but decided not to undergo radiation. I am now cancer free and Emma’s acupuncture and Nutripuncture protocols along with a nutritional program have contributed enormously to my present state of health which feels better than ever. My medical team has been impressed with my rapid rate of recovery. Working with Emma has opened new doors of possibility for my healing."
Anne Block, Tour Guide Extraordinnaire, Take My Mother Please


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“I am a young 93 year old and was becoming increasingly anxious about the carpal tunnel I was developing in my hands, particularly my right hand. I was having difficulty picking things up, opening jars, and holding things, and was worried about losing the function in my hand altogether. Writing had become impossible. When I first started having treatments with Emma I couldn’t close my hand at all; now I can completely close it, and can use my hand and write again. I am very pleased with the results of Emma’s acupuncture.”
Mary Lindland


General Health

"I started working with Emma following the death of my mother when I needed help with my grieving process. During our time together we have identified and cleared some unconscious negative programming, worked on several injuries and infections and we are now working on boosting my immune system. Our next project will be heavy metal cleansing. I highly recommend Emma's work and have found it an invaluable component in my healing process, in conjunction with my medical doctors."


"I was diagnosed with bleeding ulcers in November of 2007. I was recommended to Emma Sharp by a friend who was helped by Emma when she was diagnosed with cancer. Emma attacked the ulcers on so many levels -- accupuncture, nutrition, herbs and supplements, imaging, her wonderfulemotional clearing work. I am not only free of the bleeding ulcers, but Emma has gone on to help me clear up all stomach issues, gotten me over a major bronchitis, and we are now working on my chronic psoriasis. I cannot recommend her services highly enough."
Katherine James, ACT of Communication


"I thoroughly enjoy Emma's work. She combines Quantum Reflex Analysis, emotional clearing work and acupuncture to offer her own unique style of healing which is truly wholistic - I don't know of anyone offering the same brand of acupuncture and I highly recommend her." Dr Steven Small


High Cholesterol

“I’m 27 years old, in reasonably good shape, eat well, and while I could stand to lose a few pounds, I’m not particularly overweight. So I was pretty upset when my doctor told me I had high cholesterol. To make matters worse, his only suggestions were dietary changes which pretty much described the diet I already had. Emma’s first advice was not to freak out, as that would only give the diagnosis more power. She gave me a few treatments and prescribed some natural herbs to clean out my system and lower my cholesterol. When I went back for a second test two months later, my overall cholesterol had dropped by almost 70 points.”
B. K.



“Emma has helped me balance my thyroid and come off antidepressants. I am grateful for her insight and her wisdom. I am also surprised at how painless her acupuncture is, and how quickly I see results.”
Terri Livingstone



“When I was diagnosed with HIV seroconversion in April 2005 I was overwhelmed with anxiety attacks and numbness all over my extremities. With the assistance of Emma Sharp, a protocol of acupuncture, Nutripuncture, diet modifications, herbs, nutritional supplements and homeopathics was developed which has brought calmness and robust health improvements.

“At treatment commencement I had a viral load of over 100,000 and a T-cell count of about 320 (normal is between 400 and 1100). After four months of treatment, viral loads have dropped below 29,000 an improvement of 71 per cent and T cells have augmented to approximately 450 for a 29 per cent improvement! The numbness is nearly subsided; the anxiety attacks are non-existent.

Emma has provided me with an ability to improve my health and empower me to live confidently and more comfortably.”



“I was treated by Emma for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. When I first went to her, I was in a lot of pain, and my periods were irregular. This was a particular concern to me, as I was soon to marry and would want to start a family. Emma’s treatments helped me to regulate my cycle, and significantly reduce the pain I was experiencing. I was particularly impressed with her ability to intuitively understand what was going on with me. She had an intuition about how to treat me each time I saw her, which definitely worked for me. I am now married and expecting my first child.”
Kaisa Lopez


Lifestyle Improvement

“I have been using Acupuncture and Natural Medicines for years, and for the first time I am actually seeing results through the use of Acupuncture and Nutripuncutre. Emma Sharp is a Natural Healer and her spot on diagnoses and treatments have chnaged my life and my health. The path that she lays is well thought out and worth following. The cure is at the end, and Emma walks the path with you, which is a bonus you don't find elsewhere.”
Julie Dolcemaschio, Wife, Mother, Writer


Lifestyle Improvement

"It’s been my great good fortune over the past few years to work with Emma Sharp as a healthcare professional. Staying healthy is a priority in my life – and Emma, through her guidance and direction as an acupuncturist and certified Nutripuncture practitioner has helped me do just that. In particular, Emma’s gifted understanding of the benefits of Nutripuncture have helped me grow and evolve more than I thought possible. Over the past year, Emma has lovingly guided me through a series of Nutripuncture “core sequences.” This experience has profoundly re-shaped my understanding of self. Quite literally from the DNA up I am not the person I used to be. I now have a new, more authentic reference of self. For that, I am extremely grateful. Oh, and one important aside – the “new me” weighs in at quite a few pounds less than the “old me.” What a marvellous surprise, thank you Emma.”
Sherry McCoy PhD, Reiki Master


Lifestyle Improvement

“Emma’s work is clear, concise and compassionate, my clients have benefited greatly from both her Acupuncture and Nutripuncture treatments. I highly recommend her.”
Dr Lin Morel


Lifestyle Improvement

"'Emma uses a variety of techniques and treatments, and customizes each treatment to target the specific issues of each visit. Each visit is truly unique and restorative."


Multiple Sclerosis

"As an MS sufferer, I have endured numerous kinds of nerve sensitivity in my hands and feet. Over the past two years of working with Emma, the symptoms have drastically diminished in my feet and my hands are not far behind. I am almost back to normal, in feeling, in both. Emma has also worked on a painful arthritic joint in my finger. With one treatment the pain was gone. Emma has a gentle manner and her treatments always yield results."
Esther Walling, College Counselor



“I first went to Emma with a recurring problem of severe eye strain, the condition was so bad that I was not even able to watch television. Now my eyes are normal andI am able to watch television. I continue to work with Emma on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoy her work and highly recommend her.”
John Murillo, Herbalist


“I had a long history of chronic lower back pain that was alleviated with the help of Emma Sharp’s acupuncture. In addition issues with my parents from long ago were cleared up using her Nutripuncture sequences. She has a holistic approach to her work that I like and recommend.”
Robert Swartz, PhD,Writer



"I first started seeing Emma two months before the birth of my son Gabriel. The doctors were concerned that the baby may not be born normal because he seemed underdeveloped. Emma put me on a nutritional and acupuncture program, and I now have a thriving healthy baby boy. I have continued to see Emma following the birth to strengthen me and to ensure the best quality of breastmilk for my baby.”
Laura Huizar, RN


“I am very grateful to Emma for her expertise and her caring. She is a truly gifted acupuncturist and nutripuncturist. Recently I was very sick with bronchitis. Emma healed me from that and brought me to a new health and energy that I’ve not felt from western medicine. In the past I have worked with her to heal an injured ankle and some other illnesses. I highly recommend Emma. It is evident from her work that she truly cares about her clients and loves what she does. What more could you ask for? She knows her medicine, loves her work and is a caring and sweet soul.”
Tricia Schaumann, Bodywork and Sensory Repatterning Therapist and Yoga Instructor


What a wonderful acupuncturist and natural healing professional you are. I have been to many, many practitioners but no one ever found the root causes of my health challenges until you."
Kathleen Schulweis, PCC,CPCC.


Smoking Cessation

“I used Emma’s stop smoking protocol of only four sessions of acupuncture and herbs, homeopathics and other supplements to kick the habit after nearly 30 years. I was thrilled to be able to give up so quickly; thank you, Emma. Since then Emma has worked on low back pain caused by a scoliosis and given me treatments for TMJ pain, flus and eczema. I highly recommend her."
Anna Osnower, HR and Operations Manager, Shomex Productions


Sports Injury

Due to an old injury, my ankle had been stiff and sore for years. With just one treatment, Emma restored complete range of motion, and the stiffness vanished entirely. Thanks for the miracle.”
Tom O’Brien Songwriter



“I was diagnosed with tendonitis of the Achilles which was very painful and interfering with my workout routine. I was told by a western doctor that I would need to have surgery. However I decided to give acupuncture a try and was referred to Emma. After 6 treatments my symptoms and a cyst that had formed on the tendon have disappeared. I am thrilled and am now working with Emma on a program to lower my blood pressure, so far it is working.”
Reggie Nichols

YELP Testimonials

5 stars 3/26/15 -- Emma is a gifted QRA practitioner, nutritionist, acupuncturist and healer. She has helped me personally with injury recovery and protocols for optimal health and has successfully treated many people I have sent her way with infections, viruses, parasites, digestive issues, emotional traumas, hormone imbalances and other health challenges.

Her wealth and breadth of knowledge is extensive and she keeps up with the very latest breakthroughs in natural methods of healing.  She is upbeat and caring and uses an intuitive sensitivity to dig beneath the surface to get the root causes of things, whether they be physical, emotional or bio-energetic.

Not only will I continue to see her but I trust her implicitly as I send her my family, clients and friends.

5 stars 3/26/15 -- I have been seeing Emma on a monthly basis for over 4 years. She is very passionate about the health and well-being of her clients. I am very grateful for her wisdom and recommendations since my health has improved a lot since being with her.

These bodies are constantly changing, and I highly recommend you work with her to stay in balance and relieve yourself of small (or big) things before they become bigger things over time. For example, recently my hip was hurting. I tried a lot of stretches and strengthening and they did not relieve the problem. She put me on a program of taking a high dose of a particular supplement and much to my surprise - the hip is much better.

She has helped me with many issues like this with natural, non-toxic products. That is why I keep coming back, month after month!

5 stars 3/23/15 -- I started working with Emma Sharp about 4 years ago. I had a lung condition brought on from an accident. My Dr.s told me that it was adult asthma, or COPD, and wanted to give me medication. I explained that it had all started after the accident and they seemed unconcerned.

As the condition worsened, Emma told me she could cure my lungs.

I treated with her for about 6 weeks, lots of very odd and unexplainable things, and suddenly my wheezing was gone and I could sleep at night. I continued treating with Emma and am always amazed at the little things she suggests. But when I do them, I improve.

If you are not comfortable with Eastern medicine, Emma may seem like a witch doctor at first. But I continue to see her and continue to improve.

5 stars 3/23/15 -- Emma has proven to be an extremely professional, talented and caring healer on an assortment of health issues.  I had learned the importance and effectiveness of alternative medicine and now fully embrace it for its benefits.  Wellness and longevity are correct in her office name!  Thanks to Emma's passion and conviction to each of her patients wellness, I am feeling completely balanced.  She is very responsive to her patients and is very thorough in developing and overseeing your care plan.

She has great supplements that are effective and reasonably priced through a quantum energy healing product laboratory.  It takes time to understand and appreciate Chinese Medicine and I have fully overcome any fears and uncertainties using acupuncture.  Balancing this with Western Medicine has really improved the quality of my life.  I fully endorse and urge you to consider Emma as key component to your wellness.

5 stars 3/23/15 -- Emma has helped me with plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, Vag dryness, depression and so much more. She is responsive ,intuitive, caring, focused and down right brilliant for connecting to what my body needs.  I am stronger, healthier than ever in my life. BTW all of this was done with out acupuncture for those of you who don't like needles.

Her products are superb. I have compared other brands to the ones she has available and yes, they are expensive, but potent.

I recently made a list of all people who I need in my life  to support me and she is definitely on it.

5 stars 4/3/15 -- When I first came to Emma I had a long list of health issues (chronic migraines the worst) and now almost 4 years in, I haven't felt this healthy in a REALLY long time! I now see her once a week for maintence (my job is very physically demanding).
Always professional, always charming and very intuitive. And her new location is very accessible, super clean, and great energy.

5 stars 3/23/15 – I generally dislike having things poking at me. Needles especially. Well, coming to Emma each time has allayed any of those fears. Her gentle touch at each session brought comfort in overcoming that dislike. Emma has supported me through my healing process and is very intuitive. She trust me, with my own healing process and is always a professional when recommending my next steps. If I am hesitant or anxious, she's helped me acknowledge where or what could be causing those emotions and guide me to greater awareness and healing, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Emma has a deep determination in working to heal and so will just prescribe what works for me. Her preference is that I am able to minimize the number of treatment sessions/supplements towards greater health and wellness so that I may enjoy a  healthier life. Most importantly for me, she's assisted me in understanding and developing a balance in my life through self care, self maintenance through a balance of supplements and treatments.

Keep up the good work, Emma!

5 stars 4/4/15 -- I have been working with Emma for several years now.  Her unique combination of compassion, intuition and medical training in wholistic health make her an outstanding health care practitioner.  

Emma's patience and willingness to journey alongside her clients through all of life's ups and downs sets her apart from any other health care practitioner I've worked with, and I'm a Registered Nurse, so have worked with many. She helps people find the barriers they set up to optimal health and then helps them work through and release them.

My vitality, digestion and overall health is much improved since I started working with her.  I highly recommend Emma.

5 stars 3/28/15 -- Emma has changed my life and I am so lucky i found her. She is a miracle worker.

I had two conditions for which doctors wanted to prescribe powerful medications with potential side effects that were as bad as my conditions. Had i taken them I would be on them "for life" according to the M.D.'s
One was a medication for GERD which would have disabled my stomach's ability to produce digestive enzymes!
Emma prescribed diet changes and  maintenance supplements for my GERD and within months all symptoms were gone. She changed my eating habits in very simple ways and I lost 14 pounds without a lot of effort!
I had a sleep problem and with very simple, practical methods she helped me resolved that as well.

Emmas is the highest level advocate for my health and I highly recommend her to anyone - she is compassionate and intuitive and highly informed. She has transformed my health and my immune system.

5 stars 3/23/15 -- Emma Sharp is an extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and compassionate healer and anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is very blessed. She is an excellent acupuncturist and introduced me to a line of high quality supplements that not only benefited my UTI at the time, but is something I've used throughout the years for many other health issues. I recommend her wholeheartedly and if you're thinking about seeing her, don't even hesitate.

5 stars 3/25/15 -- Emma is an amazing healer, and has dedicated her life to caring for her patients through the practice of alternative health.  She cured me of severe chronic fungal infections, and a chronic stomach ailment, through a change in diet.  These were things for which doctors had spent years giving me expensive and dangerous medications, and had never identified that a simple change in diet was all that was needed.  I am very grateful to Emma for her caring practice.

5 stars 3/23/15 -- Emma Sharp is the most extraordinary healer I have ever encountered. She took me from a woman with bleeding ulcers to the picture of health in a very short amount of time. I now can't imagine living my healthy life without her. Run, do not walk, to Emma. No matter what your ailment - her patients include cancer survivors, HIV positive people, and many other diagnoses which are "bad" - Emma will help you! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

5 stars 4/1/15 -- My intuition initially guided me to Emma Sharp, however it is her knowledge, wisdom and expertise that has guided me to continue working with her for over one year.  I initially came to her for assistance with clearing of heavy metals after working with a naturopath who prescribed a treatment that made me more ill.  Emma's treatment plan has supported my health and wellness beyond what any other practitioner has provided for me.  She supports me healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I have experienced the science of the QRA technology she utilizes to be extremely effective.  Emma is efficient with the time she spends with me.  I also recently healed viral and bacterial pneumonia with her assistance and without antibiotics.  Emma's skills, extensive knowledge and her intuition support me in returning to optimal health and wellness.  I live in Arizona and work with Emma by phone when I am not traveling to LA.

5 stars 10/6/06 -- You simply must call Emma Sharp (no pun intended) for your accupuncture needs.  She really helped me out with a pulled hamstring and other general issues going on.  Emma is very intuitive and a very nice person to work with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Emma is located in Santa Monica, not sure why it says Pico Union....






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